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The Conference Planning Services’ team (CPS) is here to help you with every aspect sharing your vision and the planning and implementation of your event.  However, we feel strongly that empowering organizations to “better communicate” with their audience starts with the right management tools.  Our team has put together several FREE ideas to “freshen-up” your approach and to keep you up to date.

What’s your Vision? 

Vision spelled out in blocks

How do you get the word “out there?”  It all starts with your online presence. By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful, not interruptive.  Below are several FREE Resources that we pulled together to help optimize the way your audience “sees you”. Click on the links below for more topic information.

Social Media
What is it and what’s it good for? Computer-mediated technologies that help facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

What should I do to get started?

Build a Website
– There are many FREE website creators. Wordpress, WIX & Weebly to name a few. 

Facebook for Business - A FREE and easy way to keep your audience in the “loop” of your business happenings and events. More information on how to outreach using Facebook - Set Up/Manage FB Ads  & Facebook Ads Instructions & FAQs

LinkedIn Company Pages
– A FREE “made for business” online network.
Want to know “Why & How to create a LinkedIn Company Page” – Check out this free eBook from Hubspot - click here for a downloadable PDF

Don’t forget, it’s FREE to reach out by email.  There are numerous downloadable templates and newsletters available to keep clients up to date.
Zoho Campaigns 

Check out free stock photos sites to update those tired images.

What to do with them, now you got them?
Free photo editor - Make Facebook sized images & collages.
Free Social Media Image Maker -To resize and retouch your social media

Planning - How to Get Started!


Planning – again something CPS does best!  But how do we get started? We keep current of hot topics and world events. Quickly!

The Skimm - Making it easier for you to live smarter, there’s a lot going on in the world. - The Daily Skimm is delivered to your inbox each AM, giving you all the news and info you need to start your day.

Skimm App – Don’t have time to read the news every day?  Once a week, Skimm Notes will talk you through relevant, timely topics. In less than 10 minutes, they’ll give you the context you need to understand the biggest issues in the world.

We create a budget & time-line!
Budgeting is the number one way to insure your event is what you want and creating a time-line gets it done! 
Free Conference budget worksheet in Excel
Free 2018 Word & Excel editable calendars templates

What is the outcome or message you wish to convey?
It all starts with making sure the right people are involved. Who is on your committee and why?  Are they in charge of outreach to speakers, attendees and/or facilities?  Which registration method do you use? Plan on providing continuing education? Need a measurable outcome for a grant or designated funds? Is there room for sponsors or exhibitors in the program?   So many important questions to address early on in the planning process. We know it’s a lot to keep track and that’s why we offer several services to assist in this area, please CLICK HERE to check out our Services and Packages page to learn more.

Implementation & Engagement


Implementing what you know and making it GREAT!

Presenters -
Don’t use the same tired PowerPoint presentation as last year!  Download something new.

New & Exciting PowerPoint Presentations - choose from 3 "new designs."  Click on PowerPoint presentations below for the downloadable template.
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Try Prezi, it’s a free, easy to use way to make your presentation more dynamic and engaging.

Show everyone the data in a way they can understand.
Download these Excel how-to templates – Free instructional tutorials from HubSpot:
How to Create a Simple Graph and How to Build a Pivot Table Instructions - MAC & PC

Want to add “real content” to the discussion?
Create a FREE online Ebook using customizable these uploadable templates & instructions. Click on links below.
Instructions for Ebook Templates - Download 1st
Ebook - PowerPoint Template - Blogging

Ebook - PowerPoint Template - Orange
Ebook - PowerPoint Template - Cityscape
Ebook - PowerPoint Template - Navy Blue

Online Storage – Put it in the Cloud! Be able to access or backup your important data from ANY computer!  There are many ways to put your data safely online for FREE.  Especially if your file is too large for a USB drive!  We use several of these FREE methods below, not only to store information but to be able to edit and share documents as well.

Google Drive & Google Docs – works with any Gmail account.

Microsoft One Drive – integrates and syncs with your Windows PC

Use a “think outside the box” approach to implementing your plan.  How about incorporating Health & Wellness into your next gathering, meeting, or event?

A retreat, team meeting or other offsite organizational event can be the perfect setting in which to incorporate such activities, and begin introducing employees to the overall human resources program. And, they are also a great way to break the ice among team members who work in silos; encourage relationship-building; ease the stress of a convention environment or sitting in presentations all day; and work to increase alertness, concentration and retention of the business at hand…READ MORE

Healthy meeting ideas that have been successfully incorporated into events include:

Onsite fitness classes
Meditation lounges
Sports event reimbursement
Health fairs
Lunch and Learn presentations
Provide local fitness and wellness resources and ideas
Invite employees to share their success stories
Create a Wellness “Wall of Fame.”
Set up team challenges.

Rural Particiapant Engagement 
Participants too far away?  Are they unable to attend the meeting/conference due to weather?  Put it online!  CPS has several conference/meeting webinar options to help keep staff "up to date."  We also have live captioning services available for online accessibilty.  CONTACT CPS today for a quote!