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Conference Planning Services

Conference Planning Services is the ideal partner to provide the support services that will free you to focus on the content of your program and assure a successful event. A unique blend of event organizers, writers, trainers, and planners with over 60 years combined experience, for your conference, symposium, workshop, lecture, or event.

CPS serves:

- UM Faculty and Administrative Staff                                                        
- Professional Associations
- Government Associations
- Regional and National Participants
- Groups ranging from 10 to 500 or 

Our exceptional team can help you work out every detail, provide expert advice, and offer helpful suggestions - working with you to fine tune your meeting to match the personality of your group, as well as your budget.  We offer a spectrum of high-quality services to help you plan and carry out a successful event, and we work closely with a diverse group of UM, state & nationwide partners to do so. Let us simplify your role as host! 

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If you have questions or would like to discuss your conference or education program, please contact us

Conference support is available to UM faculty and staff! Learn more here... 

CPS past and present clients include...