Workshop Information

BYOD: Bring your own device (i.e. laptop, ipad, etc.)
MDT Lab: Montana Department of Transportation Computer Lab
MSL Lab: Montana State Library Lab
Session Times: Morning Sessions: 8:00am-Noon - Afternoon Sessions: 1:00-5:00pm - Full Day Sessions: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

For any workshop that is full, if you would like to be placed on a waitlist please contact Ginger Claussen at 406-243-4623 or


Presenter Company/Organization Topic
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Length Day/Time


Member Cost Non-Member Cost Devices Needed
Eric Pimpler GeoSpatial Training Services, LLC ArcGIS Pro 1: Fundamentals 2 days


$500 $1,000 BYOD Pro 2.1 must be installed before workshop with licensing for ArcGIS Pro
Brian Andersen Montana Dept. of Transportation Intro to ArcGIS Online 1/2 Day Monday
$80 $160 MDT Lab/BYOD (limited computers available)
Scott Story Headwaters
Socioeconomic and Demographic Data for GIS Professionals: Which Data are Relevant to Your Work and How Do You Get Your Hands On It? 1/2 Day Monday
$80 $160 BYOD
Rob Ahl & John Hogland Forest Service
Rocky Mountain
Research Station
Image Processing and Classification 1/2 Day Monday
$80 $160 MSL Lab
Nick Fox Montana
Understanding Coordinate Systems, a Brief History from Antiquity to the 21st Century 1/2 Day Monday
$80 $160 BYOD Install QGIS before workshop (optional, but recommended
Kris Larson/Valentijn Hoff/Nick Fox MDT/
Fire Center/
Cartography Fundamentals 1/2 Day Monday Afternoon $80 $160
Sponsored by Headwaters Economics Humanitarian OpenStreetMap
Team (HOT)
HOT OSM Mapathon for the Tanzania Development Trust 1/2 Day Monday Afternoon No Cost No Cost BYOD
Sydney Neeley USGS EROS/
Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center at the Earth Resources Observation and Science Center
Exploring Case Studies for Using NASA Remote Sensing Data 1/2 Day Monday Afternoon $80 $160 MSL Lab
John Hogland Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Automating our workflow using Python 1/2 Day Monday Afternoon $80 $160 MSL Lab
Christian Hinderman Montana Dept.
of Revenue

Exploring Montana Property Information with SQL queries


1/2 Day Tuesday
$80 $160 MSL Lab
Scott Moore Esri ArcGIS Enterprise: The What, Why and How 1/2 Day Tuesday
$80 $160 No devices required (presentation)
Patrick Lonergan/Emily Carpenter Gallatin County Emergency
Situation Analyst Montana – GIS for Emergency Management 1/2 Day Tuesday
$35 $35 BYOD
Colleen Joyce Census Bureau Using the Geographic Update Partnership Software (GUPS) for Census Bureau Geographic Partnership Programs 1/2 Day Tuesday
$35 $35 MSL Lab
Pam Fromhertz NOAA's National
Geodetic Survey
GPS, Surveying, Maps - Connecting the Pieces 1/2 Day Tuesday Afternoon $80 $160 BYOD
Jackson Beighle/Michael Clancy/
Tim Maguire
Frontier Precision/
Ecosystem Sciences
UAS and GIS:Enabling Drone Technology for the Geospatial Professional 1/2 Day Tuesday Afternoon $80 $160 BYOD Pix4D required (free 15 day trial) must be installed before workshop
Scott Moore Esri Getting Started with the ArcGIS API for Python 1/2 Day Tuesday Afternoon $80 $160 BYOD ArcGIS Software required
Lacey Loftin & Jim Castagneri Census Bureau How to Use U.S. Census Bureau Data in GIS 1/2 Day Tuesday Afternoon $35 $35 MSL Lab