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Conference Planning Services

Management Services

Below you will find an extensive list of our conference and event management services. We are happy to tailor our assistance to fit your specific needs, budget, and event - just select any number or variety of these services for your event or contact our Conferences & Events Program Manager, Michelle Quinn (contact information at the bottom of the list), for more information.

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Planning and Support

  •   Provide individualized consulting and advice to the planning chair and committees
  •   Attend and advise at planning committee meetings as requested
  •   Develop a master timeline and project notebook for implementation of all activities

Budget Development

  •   Research costs and prepare a comprehensive conference budget
  •   Establish an operating account for depositing and disbursing funds
  •   Manage financial operations of the conference
  •   Process payments for direct conference expenses
  •   Process honoraria and travel reimbursement for designated speakers or officials
  •   Monitor the program budget and provide an accurate accounting of program finances.

Promotion and Marketing Support

  •   Advise planning committee on designing and implementing marketing strategies
  •   Coordinate with committee to identify appropriate mailing lists for distributing promotional     materials
  •   Arrange for design, printing and mailing of save the dates, brochures and other promotional   materials
  •   Maintain staff to respond to written, phoned and e-mailed requests for conference information


  •   Collect and prepare materials to be included in an event program booklet or participant     packet. 
  •   Coordinate design and production of event materials (posters, t-shirts, etc.)
  •   Reproduce speaker handouts or include in event program booklet
  •   Assemble registration packets
  •   Prepare signage for sessions and registration desk
  •   Coordinate with planning committee to develop evaluation tool


  •   Design a secure conference registration form
  •   Provide customer support for registration questions
  •   Maintain a customized registration database
  •   Customize acknowledgement for each registration with a confirmation and receipt for payment
  •   Provide regular participant registration updates to the planning committee
  •   Prepare final registration roster
  •   Coordinate on-site registration

Continuing Education (CE)

  •   Research requirements for each CE agency and obtain application or online submission   guidelines.
  •   Coordinate application submission to the appropriate agencies to obtain approval for CE   credits.  Content and objectives to be prepared by planning committee
  •   Distribute CE certificates, to the extent possible, on site; mail the remaining to participants.
  •   Ensure approval of evaluation tool by appropriate entities (Evaluation tool to be prepared by   planning committee)
  •   Prepare and distribute final reporting packets to CE agencies as required

*We are also excited to announce that we are currently in the process of becoming a CEU accredited provider. Please contact Michelle Quinn for more information on this, and check back here for more information in early 2012!


  •   Contact presenters and invited speakers and outline expectations, responsibilities and fee   arrangements
  •   Coordinate travel arrangements  
  •   Confirm audio visual needs and requirements
  •   Collect speaker biographical information and titles of talks
  •   Coordinate  to obtain all necessary handouts, presentations, etc. for reproduction or for   inclusion in a program booklet


  •   Manage exhibitor registration
  •   Coordinate trade show needs with exhibitor
  •   Mail confirmation/logistics information to exhibitors 
  •   Provide a receipt to each exhibitor
  •   Coordinate with meeting facility on exhibitor needs and layout
  •   Manage exhibitors on-site

Meeting Facility Management

  •   Schedule meeting rooms and specify meeting room setups, including a/v needs and   requirements
  •   Coordinate catering arrangements
  •   Schedule rooms for receptions, banquets, or other catered activities; select menus and   manage event details
  •   Prepare detailed conference schedule and confirm all logistical arrangements with facility

On-Site Services

  •   Determine room block requirements for group
  •   Research hotels and lodging options
  •   Negotiate hotel contracts to include reduced group guest room rate, complimentary rooms and   upgrades
  •   Research low-cost alternatives and arrange University housing and meal services when   appropriate
  •   Arrange ground transportation and shuttle service as necessary
  •   Provide staff to manage on-site registration and information services throughout the   conference
  •   Prepare and distribute name badges and registration packets at conference
  •   Manage all on-site meeting logistics with facility staff, including room set-up, room   temperatures, and audiovisual.

Post-Conference Services

  •   Collect and compile detailed statistics for conference categories including registration and   attendance, paper submissions, catering guarantees and actuals, hotel room usage, speaker     and poster sessions
  •   Prepare a final conference summary
  •   Submit final reports as required  
  •   Prepare any packets required by CE agencies – evaluation results, speaker handouts, sign-in     sheets, etc.
  •   Print and mail CE certificates as necessary.
  •   Coordinate  and distribute thank you letters to speakers, panelists, facilitators, and hotel staff
  •   Process invoices and travel reimbursement payments.

Other Services

  •   Participate on planning teams and provide advice on building agendas, incorporating themes,     recruiting dynamic speakers and trainers, creative brainstorming to make each event unique,     etc.
  •   Provide note taking during planning meetings
  •   Coordinate videotaping of event
  •   Coordinate and host webinars with teleconferences
  •   Poster Session management
  •   Administer Call for Papers/Abstracts submission process

Conference and Event Planning Services is the ideal partner to provide the support services that will free you to focus on the content of your program and assure a successful event. We can meet face to face to discuss your event and the services we can provide. After receiving our fee estimate, we may discuss adjusting services and expectations until we agree on an acceptable fee. 

For more information, please contact:

Michelle Quinn 
Program Manager, Conferences and Events
School of Extended & Lifelong Learning
(406) 243-4866