About the Conference

About the Conference

The 2017 Montana Medicolegal Death Investigation Conference will begin on Wednesday, October 4, with pre-conference workshops and a welcome reception. Thursday, October 5, and Friday,October 6, will feature speakers and presentations delivered by Medical Examiners, Coroners, University of Montana Professors, Crime Scene Investigators, Psychologists, Forensic Scientists, Attorneys and other professionals.

This conference is committed to advancing the accurate determination of the cause and the manner of death through the utilization of science, medicine and the law. This will be a valuable opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to network with others in the field of death investigations. This is an excellent opportunity for you to interface directly with these professionals.

Watch for online registration to open June 1, 2017.

Anticipated Continuing Education Credits:POST | ABMDI |CLE |Montana Nurses Association 

 Conference Topics will include

  • Medical Examiner/Death Investigator/Coroner Case Studies
  • SUIDI/Child Death Workshop
  • Forensic Anthropology/Entomology Workshop
  • Pathology/Biology/Toxicology
  • Digital & Multimedia/Cybersecurity/Social Media in Death Investigations
  • Cultural Sensitivity/Death Notifications
  • Shooting Reconstruction Workshops
  • Cadaver Dissection Lab
  • Missoula Sheriff's Department Workshop

MDIC Registration Rates

Workshops and Training Sessions are held concurrently. You will choose 1 out of 3 to attend.

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Early Bird
Before August 25
After August 25

Full Conference

(includes all sessions, workshop choice each day, opening reception, Thursday lunch, dinner/keynote, coffee and snacks each day)

$325 $350

Day 1 - October 4

Workshop Only $75 $95


(includes opening reception, exhibitors and poster session)

$120 $140
Reception Only $45 $45
Day 2 - October 5

Full Day Session/Workshops Only

(includes lunch)

$100 $120
Full Day/Dinner & Keynote $140 $160
Dinner & Keynote Only $50 $50
Day 3 - October 6
Workshops/Field Trips $75 $95

Target Audience

The target audience for this conference is Coroners, Medical Examiners, Law Enforcement, Forensic Scientists, Physicians, Nurses, Forensic Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Funeral Home Directors, Educators, College Students, and others involved with the investigation of violent, suspicious, or unexpected deaths.

Keynote Speaker

Cyril HarrissonCyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., Forensic Pathologist, Attorney and Medical-Legal Consultant
Cyril Harrison Wecht is an American forensic pathologist. He has been a consultant in numerous high-profile cases, but is perhaps best known for his criticism of the Warren Commission's findings concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
He has been the president of both the American Academy of Forensic Science and the American College of Legal Medicine, and currently heads the board of trustees of the American Board of Legal Medicine. He served as County Commissioner and Allegheny County Coroner & Medical Examiner serving metro Pittsburgh.
Wecht became famous appearing on television and consulting on deaths with a high media profile. Some of the cases include; Robert F. Kennedy, Sharon Tate, Brian Jones, The Symbionese Liberation Army shootout, Elvis Presley, JonBenét Ramsey, Laci Peterson and most recently Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith. During his career, Wecht performed more than 14,000 autopsies. He is a clinical professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and an adjunct professor of law at Duquesne University.
Since 1962, Wecht has had a private practice. He has served as a medical-legal and forensic pathology consultant in both civil and criminal cases. Wecht is consulted by both plaintiffs' and defense attorneys in civil cases, and by both prosecutors and defense attorneys in criminal cases in jurisdictions throughout the United States and abroad.