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  • My collaboration with the Innovation Studio has resulted in effective course design enhancements that compliment my growth as an online educator.
  • My goal is to design an experience that will allow students to find and embrace their creativity to the fullest.  The online environment has been particularly effective for this, offering the flexibility and giving students and opportunity to find inspiration when and where it is best for them.
  • We used to talk about what we couldn't do online that we could do face-to-face.  Now we talk about what we can't do face-to-face that we can do online.
  • Working with the Innovation Studio added a whole new dimension to my online courses.  The look and feel is much more current, and I can draw on the design strengths of the team to incorporate their expertise in my course offerings.
  • I love the energy and enthusiasm that ripples from the classroom into the Moodle forums as students begin to take ownership of the course material.