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Learning Management System Shift

The University of Montana

Moodle Training and Support

Outlined below are the face-to-face sessions offered during the transition to Moodle. Online training and technical assistance can be accessed through the LMS shift website and the UMOnline website.

Co-Build a Course

Each school and college has at least one representative to contact for information and resources. Instructors may also request a time to work with an assistant to co-build a course in Moodle. Please contact your representative to learn more.Technical assistants marked with an * are available during the summer. If your school or college does not have an assistant available during the summer, please contact Nancy Clouse or Marlene Zentz to arrange assistance.

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Liaisons
Jesse Munro
Charles Exley

Technical Assistants
*Jake Coolidge
*Zach Reiter

School of Business Administration

Faculty Liaison 
David Firth

Technical Assistant
Rob Osterman

School of Journalism

Faculty Liaison
Ray Fanning

Technical Assistant
Tim Kukes

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Faculty Liaison
Rick Hughes

Technical Assistant
*Charles Raffety


School of Law

Faculty Liaison
Stacey Gordon

Technical Assistant
Frank Jasper


Phyllis J. Washington
College of Education and Human Sciences

Faculty Liaison
Lisa Blank

Technical Assistants
Marti Alltucker

College of Forestry

Faculty Liaison
Libby Covelli

Technical Assistants
Niels Maumenee
Sherri McWilliams

College of Technology

Faculty Liaison
Linda Eagleheart-Thomas

Technical Assistants
*Myron Gardipee

College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences

Faculty Liaison
Danielle Wozniak

Technical Assistants
*Melanie Dekkers

Moodle Meets

In these sessions, participants will explore the basic features of Moodle. Administrative tools will be considered and participants will have hands-on practice adding content and activities to a course shell. Topics include:

  • Layout in Moodle
  • File manager
  • Adding content
  • Adding activities
  • Interactive Teaching/Learning Features
  • Gradebook (if time allows)

Open Labs

Open Labs are an opportunity for instructors to get specific advice on using Moodle in their particular teaching/learning context. Sessions will center on the needs of the participants. We request that you to sign up in advance so we can meet participant needs as efficiently as possible.  NOTE: If there are no participants after 15 minutes, the open lab will be cancelled.

For a complete list and sign up of Moodle Meets and Open Labs go to:
Moodle Meet and Open Lab Schedules 

IT Short Courses

A series of short courses that will explore specific instructional tools of Moodle will be conducted as part fo the IT short course series. NEW! Watch for summer offerings after May 20! Topics include:

  • Gradebook: Tuesday, May 31, 12:00-1:30, LA 139
  • Quizzes: Tuesday, June 7, 12:00-1:30, LA 139
  • Advanced Moodle Tools: Tuesday, June 14, 12:00-1:30, LA 139

Please visit the IT short courses website for more information and to register for these courses.

Extended Learning Services


866.225.1641 (toll-free)