Roving Griz Award

The Roving Griz Award was created to recognize departments that demonstrate principles of UM's Quality of Work Life Initiative - striving to create and maintain a work environment that allows faculty and staff to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. The receiving department decides where to bestow the Roving Griz next but gets to keep a smaller grizzly statue.

2011 Roving Griz Award - Office for Student Success

Jed Liston from Enrollment Services handed the Roving Griz award over to the Office for Student Success 


2010 Roving Griz Award Winners - Enrollment Services

Roving Griz Award 2010

Roving Griz 2009

The Residence Life Office, led by Director Ron Brunell, passed the award on to the staff of Enrollment Services during a Jan. 19, 2010 presentation in the Lommasson Center.

Past Winners