Montana University System Staff Association Launches Satisfaction Survey

Paper with heading 'MUSSA Survey Identity Questions.  In which city do you work?  Billings?  Bozeman? Butte? Dillon? Great Falls? Hamilton? Havre? Helena? Missoula?

The survey recently launched by the Montana University System Staff Association (MUSSA) will collect data to collaborate with staff leadership on all MUS campuses to fulfill the MUSSA mission of broadening communications and enriching the staff experience.  In May MUSSA members will meet and present issues and concerns to the Board of Regents.  This job satisfaction survey will assist the reporting of statewide trends.  Individual campuses will be able to use their results to address issues on their own campuses. MUSSA Survey Results  MUSSA Survey Transcript  PowerPoint Presentation to BoR, 5-25-17