Tammi Flickinger Earns First Financial Development Certificate

Cindy Boies, Becky Christiaens, Tammi Flickinger, Cathy Butler, and Lori Fletcher

Congratulations, Tammi Flickinger! In July, Tammi, Testing Services Coordinator in Career SErvices, became the first University of Montana employee to earn a Financial Development Certificate.  Launched in 2016, the Financial Development Certificate Program (FDCP) advances employees' knowledge and skills in fiscal affairs at UM.

Tammi had this to say about the program: “When I heard there was a new Financial Development Certificate Program I was excited to start working towards it. The eleven classes I took helped me better understand how the University of Montana operates and the various programs fiscal affairs managers use.  I was able to apply many of the concepts I learned. I enjoyed working with my mentor Cathy Butler from the Accounts Payable department.  I found the peer coaching/mentoring component really helpful to have someone to ask questions of along the way.  I’m proud of my accomplishment and encourage others to participate in one of the certificate programs or attend a workshop or training opportunity. I think the University of Montana’s Training and Development Program is an excellent opportunity for employees to keep up-to-date on new research, emerging technology, and new and current resources.”
Laurie Fisher, Director of Career Services, indicated that the knowledge and experience Tammi gained through the program has contributed positively to their departments' operations. Cathy Butler applauded Tammi for her diligence and motivation in completing the 24 hours of peer coaching/mentoring requirement, saying Tammi was very organized and asked in-depth questions as she learned more about the diverse functions in Business Services.
The Financial Development Certificate Program is managed through Administration and Finance.