Tuition Waivers

Dependent Tuition Waiver

Employees must be employed at least 3/4 time for five or more consecutive years before being eligible for a dependent tuition waiver benefit.  Employees who utilize the faculty and staff tuition waiver are not eligible for a dependent tuition waiver during the same academic term.  Only one dependent may utilize the dependent tuition waiver in an academic term.  A dependent includes the employee's spouse or adult dependent, as defined in the MUS Employee Benefits Plan, and financially dependent children as defined by the IRS who are unmarried and under age 25.  The tuition waiver benefit for dependents shall be for 50% of the residential tuition.  Dependents may not use the tuition waiver benefit to attend law school or obtain a graduate degree.  For additional details contact Human Resources.

Staff Tuition Waiver

To qualify for a Tuition Fee Waiver of in-state tuition for regular courses of study at the University of Montana, eligible staff members must have completed their probationary period, must be on permanent employee status, must be working at least .75 full-time employment, and must have obtained approval from their supervisor and administration.  View more information.