University Assessment and Accreditation Committee


The University Assessment and Accreditation Committee (UAAC) acts as the central body responsible for University accreditation and assessment activities. The UAAC provides  summative assessments of the University’s mission fulfillment as well as ongoing formative assessments that ensure institutional tracking of key indicators to help refine strategies under each Priority for Action.

In its capacity as steward of the University’s accreditation, the UAAC:

  • Manages the NWCCU accreditation process
  • Prepares and submits NWCCU-required review documentation
  • Compiles and analyzes institutional data in alignment with the Priority for Action teams

In its capacity as the assessment arm of the Strategic Operating Rhythm, the UAAC:

  • Works closely with each Priority for Action team to ensure indicators are appropriately defined and tracked
  • Provides leadership in sophisticated assessment practices that allow for the University to tell its story of effort and progress in alignment with its vision and mission
  • Tracks all formative and summative assessment activities across the institution and explores how those activities can be refined and integrated into institutional assessment

In its capacity as the seat of assessment expertise at the University, the UAAC:

  • Provides workshops on formative and summative assessment practices
  • Provides guidelines and templates for reporting assessment activities
  • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement


Assessment is an integral part of the management of resources at the University of Montana. The University informs its planning and budget processes and ensures accountability through institutional assessment and programmatic assessment.

The University's Assessment work is tied closely to our accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities.

Academic Assessment

Institutional Data Reporting

For the purposes of comparison and assessment, the University Data Office continually compares institutional data with national benchmarks.

National Survey of Student Engagement

Every few years, UM participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). 

Additional Assessment


  • Two Deans
  • Two Staff Senate representatives
  • Two Faculty Senate representatives
  • Two Student Senate representatives
  • Two Vice Presidents
  • Two Presidential appointees
  • One representatives from each PFA team
  • AVP Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • One UPC member