University Budget Committee


The University Budget Committee (UBC) acts as a consultative, review, and advisory committee. This body provides data and guidance as sectors plan their budgets and draft their “strategic playbooks,” reviews submitted budgets, and provides recommendations to the executive leadership regarding budget allocations. The UBC’s recommendations are informed by the work of the UPC, especially with regard to reallocations and new investments. Each Biennium the UBC helps to develop a budget that reflects institutional priorities.

In particular, the UBC:


  • Provides sector heads and deans with support in planning their budgets
  • Promotes a culture of strategic budgeting (e.g., helps sector heads and deans build “strategic playbooks” that are responsive to market data)


  • UPC’s strategic direction work
  • Legislative and MUS economic and financial projections
  •  The Governor’s executive budget proposal
  • The UM Annual and Biennial budget models, and
  • Current enrollment, revenue, and expense projections


  • Assesses sector budgets, new initiative proposals, and necessary reallocations


  • Provides recommendations to the President and executive leadership team regarding budget setting, adjustments, and investments


  • Budget Director
  • Two Deans
  • Two Staff Senate representatives
  • Two Faculty Senate representatives
  • Two Student Senate representatives
  • One UFA representative
  • Two Vice Presidents
  • Two Presidential appointees
  • Two Financial Academic Managers
  • One representative from each PFA team
  • AVP Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • One UPC member
  • One UAAC member