University Leadership Council and Senates


The University Leadership Council (ULC) is the body focused on implementation. Composed of Cabinet, Deans, and Priority for Action teams, the ULC meets monthly to ensure implementation in partnership with University Senates.

Priorities for Action

Priority 1: Place Student Success at the Center of All We Do

In all of our decisions and actions, we will put the success of our students first. We will renew our intense focus on student retention, persistence, and success through graduation and beyond. We will be a model institution for effective and comprehensive support for the success of our students.

Priority 2: Drive Excellence and Innovation in Teaching, Learning, and Research

This is at the core of what we do as an institution. And we owe it to ourselves, to our students, and to the public to ensure that our curriculum and pedagogy continue to evolve and adapt to best prepare our students for a dynamic, uncertain world. We also will ensure that the Communities of Excellence come to life as interdisciplinary learning and research communities.

Priority 3: Embody the principle of “Mission First, People Always"

We must acknowledge the absolutely fundamental role of people in making this institution successful. While the word “institution” evokes images of buildings and grounds, the reality is that our people are this institution. Our campus community has identified the need for a cabinet-level position that focuses on our people’s growth and learning, and specifically on the fostering of a diverse and inclusive campus. Our campus community will work together to finalize what that position looks like to ensure that we have a diverse, supportive, and inclusive community in which all of our team members can reach their full potential.

Our students – and this entire community – benefit tremendously from the ways in which we partner with the City of Missoula and the State of Montana to deliver educational outcomes and positive impacts on our community. We will actively encourage campus engagement in this community and in the surrounding region, and we will work to build upon these partnerships.

Priority 5: Proudly tell the UM story

We are an institution the world needs to know about. Not just to bring new students here, but also to ensure that people understand the incredible work that happens every day on this campus and the transformative impact UM has on its students. We are going to be forceful and persistent in proudly telling UM’s story – the story our students, faculty, and staff are writing every day.