UM strategic planning process

Artwork depicting the strategic planning timeline, activities, vision statement and principles

Planning process art by Elizabeth Dove

The Strategic Planning Coordinating Council has been committed to a process that is open to and inclusive of many perspectives, and culminates not just in a plan, but in a new way of working together on behalf of our stakeholders. Our process is depicted below. Explore our activities and findings in each stage of the process by clicking on the buttons.

Learn from people

Continually ask questions and listen to understand the shifting internal and external landscape.

Find patterns

Analyze, synthesize, and interpret to discover tensions between the current state and future aspirations.

Identify principles

Identify and prioritize shared values to inform strategic decision-making and shape organizational behavior.

Explore strategies

Develop strategic pathways that clearly communicate our priorities and align action toward common goals.

Test and revise

Experiment, share, gather input from stakeholders, learn and modify. This should be a continuous iterative process.