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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a student at UM who wants to have a meaningful and rewarding volunteer experience, while making a difference in the lives of fellow students?  SARC has several different ways for you to get involved:

  • Peer Advocacy Program - This program is an excellent opportunity to get involved and create positive change on our campus.  You’ll learn valuable skills in crisis intervention and advocacy.  
  • Peer Educator Program – As a peer educator, you endeavor to help prevent sexual assault, relationship violence, and discrimination amongst your peers at the University of Montana through providing training and raising awareness.

Training for both programs take place at the beginning of Fall Semester every year.

If you are interested in the Peer Advocacy Program, please fill out an Application to be an Advocate.  For more information, please call the Advocate Coordinator, Rachel Wager or Jessica Peatee, Direct Services Coordinator at (406) 243-6429 or email at or

If you are interested in the Peer Educator Program, please fill out an application to be a peer educator. For more information, please contact SARC, at (406) 243-5244 or email Ali Pepper at

In addition, if you are interested in volunteering at any of our events, please contact us to see how you can get involved at (406) 243-4429.

Student Advocate Volunteers

Advocate Student Advocate Student Advocate  

Student Advocate Student Advocate

SARC Events

April 2017:Sexual Assault Awareness Month 

Tabling for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

February 2017: Kindness Week 

Kindness week pic 1  Kindness Week Pic 4 Kindness Week pic 2 

In April 2015, SARC honored those affected by sexual assault with a variety of activities for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Hope Quilt

Past SARC Events

  • Social Justice Fair 2017: In March we held a fair for students and community organizations to come together and talk about their work. Students were able to go from informational booths to interactive social justice activities, to self-care activities. 
  • Love Fest 2015: In February, our event promoted healthy relationships of all kinds, including with friends, family, partners and spouses.  Through this event we offer many different fun and interesting workshops and activities that are meant to promote healthy dialogue and patterns in relationships. It was very well attended with over 500 individuals visiting our booths and workshops! We'd like to thank all those that helped stage this event and our partners: Advocates for Non-Violence (ANV), Planned Parenthood Leaders and Advocates (PPLA), Curry Health Center Wellness Program, Student Involvement Network, Blue Mountain Clinic, Harry Potter Alliance, Downtown Dance Collective, Montana Student Activism Association, Turning the Wheel, Water Lilies, and Make Your Move! End Sexual Violence. Look for Love Fest next year when we will have more workshops, booths and prizes!

  • Light Up the Night: SARC Advocates participated in the Light Up the Night event on October 2, 2014. This event focused on making a visible stand to eliminate violence at night. Its purpose was to demonstrate that all people should feel safe walking alone at night. This year, it was hosted by the Advocates for Non-violence and Women’s Resource Center. The walk started at the Oval on the University of Montana campus and ended at the "M" on Mount Sentinel.

  • International Dating 101: SARC staff and advocates discussed the customs and courtesies of dating in the United States with international students. While the focus was on international students, this seminar is open to all students. We plan to continue this event, and welcome input from students from all countries!

  • Health Fair: Advocates offered a myth/fact game where prizes were offered if participants answered questions correctly. This event was hosted by the Curry Health Center.

  • Day of Dialogue:  Trauma from past experience with sexual assault or violent discrimination can emerge when the individual is exposed to similar or ‘triggering’ experiences.   SARC advocates served as direct support for any participant whose past experiences caused a problematic emotional response when experiencing the Day of Dialogue.  Also, SARC presented a new video publication series called “What’s Your Best Line for Consent”. 

  • Open Mic Night: SARC sponsored an Open Mic Night at the UC Game Room in October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   

  • Native American Gatherings:  SARC holds groups for American Indians to share with each other the joys, successes and struggles of this transition in a safe, confidential space. This group focuses on the transition to college and the challenges that inherently come along with this transition.

  • Diversity Video Series: In spring of 2013, SARC sponsored some of the videos in the diversity series, which was hosted by the Student Involvement Network. The videos included: It Was Rape, The Invisible War, and Half the Sky.