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SARC Trainings

The Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC) offers a number of training opportunities in support of a safe and welcoming campus environment.  We use these training curricula as one of the ways SARC connects with our students.  Faculty have actively supported this ongoing effort by inviting SARC to teach a class--either when the curriculum lends itself to our particular expertise, or when faculty are otherwise unable to meet with their students on a particular day/time. Upon request, we will teach a class for you. See the descriptions below for more info, or jump over to the request form right now!


Would you like to request a training?

Is your organization interested in training from SARC? We offer training across campus to student groups, departments, colleges and other organizations. Click here to fill out a form so we can connect with you!                                                                                                                                           

Training Topics Currently Available:

Bystander Intervention: How to Intervene to Stop Sexual Assault

Bystanders are individuals who witness emergencies, criminal events or situations where others may be hurt and have the opportunity to provide assistance, do nothing, or contribute to the negative behavior. Pro-social bystanders are individuals whose behaviors intervene in ways that impact the outcome positively. Through our Bystander Intervention Training, individuals learn practical techniques to successfully intervene when they see others in danger. This training is required for all incoming students so they've probably already been exposed to this content. 

Resiliency and Engagement: Self-care

Resilience is a way to maintain hope during difficult times and is a skill anyone can learn and strengthen. This dynamic presentation will focus on developing self-compassion and self-awareness to help you recognize your own ability to adapt to life stressors. This  interactive presentation will incorporate answering questions and learning different ways a student can continually engage in student or local organizations within the campus community.

First Responder: How to Respond to Survivors of Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence or Discrimination

SARC provides First Responder training to assist staff and students in providing support for people in crisis. This training includes the following information and applied experiences:  active listening skills and barriers; how to support a victim/survivor of sexual assault/domestic violence or discrimination; and what to do when people are contemplating suicide.

Addressing Microaggressions 

Diversity is a celebrated component of campus and community culture. This training focuses on consciousness raising related to diversity. Participants will learn about challenges minorities face, including micro- and macro-aggressions, and about how to either personally and/or collectively be a force for social justice for all.

Inclusive Communities 

This interactive training helps students talk about different types of inclusion and exclusion, with discussion of what sorts of impacts this has on our communities. Much of the conversation revolves around barriers to inclusion and why we should care.