Featured Courses

BMIS 326: Introduction to Data Analytics:

This is the first course students can take towards the Big Data Analytics Certificate. Anyone at UM can earn this certificate, which is a cross between three disciplines: Business, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

JRNL 100HY: Media History and Literacy:

A survey of the history, development and role of the media in society, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, books, movies, recordings and the World Wide Web. Satisfies two gen eds! Historical & Cultural Studies (H), Democracy and Citizenship (Y)

JRNL 170: Elements of News Writing:

Foundational course in the elements of news writing, with a focus on the style and conventions of writing for print, online and broadcast media. Prereq. or Co-req., grade of C- or better in  WRIT 101 or AP English.

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