Summer Semester Student Information

Summer Semester Admission

To apply for admission to UM for undergraduate or post baccalaureate status, or for readmission to UM, applicants should apply online at New graduate nondegree and graduate degree students should apply online at Students applying for graduate degree or graduate nondegree status should visit for more information. Newly admitted students who plan to begin attending UM in the summer should contact the appropriate admitting office below to ensure that their matriculation term is Summer Semester.

Enrollment Services - Admissions
Lommasson Center 103
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812
Tel: 406.243.6266

Graduate School
Lommasson Center 224
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812
Tel: 406.243.2572

New students may be admitted under the Summer Semester 2017 Only admission status. This admission status is designed for nondegree students who have never been formally admitted to UM and will attend only Summer Semester 2017. It is not intended for those pursuing a UM degree. Students can register for a maximum of 6 credits during Summer Semester only. Students qualifying for this status are not required to provide proof of immunization or a Pre-Registration Immunization Requirements Form. Students must provide this information if they opt to apply and attend UM in a semester other than Summer 2017. Students who previously attended UM should follow the readmission procedures and update their Pre-Registration Immunization Requirements Form. New graduate nondegree students may select the Summer Semester 2017 Only admission status when applying via the online graduate school admission form at New undergraduate nondegree students should complete and submit the Summer Semester 2017 Printable Admission Application


Fulfill your general education and major requirements, replace a grade, lighten your credit load for Fall or Spring, or get that course you've been worried about out of the way. Summer Semester provides shorter terms and smaller class sizes for more than 750 courses, including more than 100 general education courses. We offer four different sessions:

Session Dates Section Numbering
First 5-week session:   May 22 - June 23 Section 0x
Second 5-week session:   June 26 - July 28 Section 3x
10-week session:   May 22 - July 28 Section 6x
Special sessions:   May 22 - August 18 Section 8x

All online courses are section 5x (50, 51, etc.) Section numbers with a "C" on the end are College of Technology courses.

Online Courses Schedule (Cyberbear)
Search by subject, title, and campus, among other criteria. To view online courses, you must select one or both of the "Distance Learning" choices within the Campus search box. Searchable by term.

Full course descriptions for regular UM classes can be found in the University of Montana Course Catalog. Use the left hand navigation within the catalog to navigate throughout departments and view course descriptions, you may also print sections of the catalog.

Special Topic Course Descriptions


Students may register for Summer Semester in-person at Griz Central or online via CyberBear beginning in February 21, 2017. Please see Important Dates and Deadlines for registration and payment dates

Financial Aid may be available for registration fee payment beginning in April, provided students meet all requirements. For information on Financial Aid visit
Click the links below for more information on each topic. 

Students should consult the CyberBear course schedule for Course Request Numbers (CRN), subject abbreviations, course numbers, section numbers, and number of credits. For courses offered for variable credit, such as 1-3, students should list one specific number.
For undergraduate students, the average credit load is 6-9 credits for each 5-week session and 12-18 credits for the 10-week session. The full-time credit load is 12 credits for undergraduate students and 9 credits for graduate students. Undergraduate students may earn a maximum of 21 credits during the Summer Semester.
Students who wish to Audit or take courses Credit/No Credit should make this change on CyberBear or at Griz Central, 2nd floor, Lommasson Center by the appropriate session deadlines. Courses with a grade mode of ‘T' may be taken for Traditional A-F grades only. Courses with a grade mode of 'C' may be taken for Credit/No Credit only.
If Consent of Instructor is required for a course, on-campus students should pick up an override slip at Griz Central and contact the instructor or department to obtain approval. Students should submit the signed slip at Griz Central, Registration Counter, 2nd floor, Lommasson Center. Faculty may choose to provide electronic overrides so students may register on CyberBear. WARNING: Not all overrides are approved.
The Curry Health Fee of $119.50 is charged for students enrolled for 7 credits or more and allows students to be seen at Curry Health Center. Students enrolled for 6 credits or fewer pay a $23.00 Health Fee and may opt to pay an additional $96.50 Curry Health Fee or pay for services on a Fee-For-Service basis. Select the health service fee option for Summer Semester via CyberBear. The Curry Health Fee option is available only during the applicable Summer Semester registration periods.
Students login to CyberBear to view their Registration Bill and finalize their registration. Students may pay by credit card or electronic check. Even if there is no balance, the student must finalize registration.
Summer grades are available in August. Student Identification Number (790 number) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are required to access grades.
Late Registration begins on May 15, 2017. Please see Important Dates and Deadlines for registration and payment dates. UM allows fee payment after June 17, 2017, only if a Late Registration Petition is approved by the Late Registration Committee. A $160 Late Fee is charged.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Click here to view Summer Semester Tuition & Fees Tables.

Click here for Important Summer Semester Payment Dates and Deadlines.

Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change with Board of Regents approval. 

Students should check with the Financial Aid Office to find out how to apply for Summer Aid and to be evaluated for all types of assistance. The Financial Aid counter is located in the Lomasson Center in Griz Central. You may also call 406-243-5373 or email

To increase the chances of receiving preferred classes, students should register, complete fee payment, and finalize their registration as soon as possible. The UM Business Services Office must receive fee payments by the posted deadlines or registrations will be cancelled. Spaces in courses, available as a result of cancellation, are made available to other students who add or register during Late Registration, beginning May 15. Failure to pay or finalize, by established deadlines, results in cancellation of student registration. 

Students may pay their Registration Bills in-person at Griz Central or online via CyberBear beginning April 17, 2017. Please see Important Dates and Deadlines for registration and payment dates.

UM does not cash checks except in payment of university bills. Students may avoid inconvenience by using credit cards, e-checks, bank drafts, certified checks, money orders, or traveler checks. During the Summer Semester, UM has no deferred payment plan, does not accept foreign or Canadian checks, and discounts Canadian money.

UM allows fee payment after June 17, 2017 only if a Late Registration Petition is approved by the Late Registration Committee. An $160 Late Fee is charged.
Students should complete the withdrawal process (dropping all classes) at Griz Central, 2nd floor, Lommasson Center. The official withdrawal date, as recorded by the University Registrar, is the date used to determine the amount credited to the student account. Generally, UM credits no fees after the tenth class day of Summer Semester. UM may deduct existing debts such as library charges, health service charges, etc., from any refunds due the student. For further information, students should contact the Business Services Office.
If students receive federal financial aid, refunds follow specific rules. Federal regulations require students to earn their aid using a pro-rata formula. Students may have to repay federal aid immediately, including money received for living expenses, if the withdrawal date occurs prior to 60% of the term (about 6 weeks for the full 10-week session and 3 weeks for each 5-week session). UM may return financial aid funds to the funding source for students who receive aid during the semester in which they withdraw. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office for more information.
Students must make an initial fee payment at registration for courses in which they are enrolled. Students enrolled in 5-week courses establish their enrollment status for fee purposes during the first five days of the session. The courses for which students are enrolled on the fifth day determine any fee adjustments. Beginning the sixth day, courses added increase credit hour enrollment for fee purposes and may result in additional charges in accordance with the fee schedule.

UM allows students enrolled in 10-week courses to establish their enrollment status for fee purposes during the first ten days of the session. Courses dropped after the tenth day do not result in reduced fees. All courses added increase credit hour enrollment for fee purposes and may result in additional charges in accordance with the fee schedule.
The FAFSA for 2016-2017 must be received before alternative loans will be made available. If necessary, additional private loans for a minimum of $1,000 may be available to students who do not qualify for federally funded programs or if federal financial aid is insufficient to cover the cost of attendance. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for applications and further information.
There is no official scholarship program offered by the Financial Aid Office for the Summer Semester. Academic departments may offer scholarships for special situations. Students who receive scholarships from outside sources should submit this evidence to the Financial Aid Office as soon as it is known. Some resident students may be eligible for Montana tuition waivers, including Native American students, veterans who served in a period of war and no longer receive benefits, senior citizens, or surviving children or spouses of peace officers or fire fighters who have been killed in the line of duty. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office with questions about tuition waivers. Tuition waivers do not apply to UM Continuing Education Extended Courses.
ASUM short-term student loans, from $50-$200, are available to ASUM Activity Fee-paying students who have a GPA of 2.0 or better and are enrolled for 7 or more credits. With the exception of the Missoula College, students must have been enrolled during the previous semester and may not be in their final semester of enrollment. This requirement and the co-signer requirement for loans over $50 are waived for students awaiting the receipt of Stafford Loan monies to be paid in the current semester. Other restrictions may apply. Forms and additional information about these loans are available in the ASUM office in University Center Room 105 or by calling 406.243.2451.