UM Eco Reps

UM's Eco Reps are student sustainability advocates who live in the residence halls and coordinate programming related to UM's Climate Action Plan. For the 2015/2016 academic year, Eco Reps will be located in Miller, Knowles, Duniway, Jesse, and Aber Halls.  Eco Reps provide a variety of programs in the residence halls with the support of RAs.

During the 2014/2015 academic year, UM Eco Reps facilitated programming that addressed recycling, alternative transportation, UM's 2020 Carbon Neutrality Goal, sustainable living strategies, and energy efficiency. Working under the supervision of the ASUM Sustainability Center and the Climate Change Studies Program, the Eco Reps educate their peers on issues of sustainability in order to help the University of Montana reach the goals outlined in our 2010 Climate Action Plan.

MEET THE 2015/2016 ECO REPS!

Mari Hall...

Mari has spent her entire life in the beautiful state of Montana and was raised in Billings. She is a sophomore majoring in journalism with a minor in Spanish. Because of her mother’s love for animals, she has learned to love and appreciate the habitats in which they live in. During her last years in high school, she had a sudden interest in environment sustainability, and began doing school projects with topics including green consumerism, climate change in Montana, and the effects of plastic bags on the environment. She hopes to make a difference in both the UM and Missoula community, and is excited to take her interest in sustainability to the next level. 

In her spare time, Mari enjoys writing novels, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. She enjoys visiting Yellowstone National Park and spending time outdoors.  Mari will be the Eco Rep for Miller Hall.

Sam Orr...

Sam Orr is a freshmen credit wise but mentally a sophomore at UM.  He is a Political Science major with interests in Social Justice and American politics. Sam engages in being a green person by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Sam is also an ASUM Senator, working to be the student voice at the University of Montana.  Sam will be the Eco Rep for Craig/Elrod/Duniway Halls.

Shelby Weigand...

Shelby is a sophomore at the University of Montana majoring in wildlife biology. She grew up in Belgrade, Montana where she had endless access to outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking, and hunting. Shelby was also an active member in the Sustainability Club at her high school where she successfully raised money for water bottle fillers for all of the drinking fountains on campus.

Shelby will be the Aber Hall Eco-Rep and plans to be engaged with the residents while spreading awareness about local sustainability issues.

Carly Stinson...

Carly Stinson is the Eco Rep in Knowles Hall. She is from Olympia, Washington and although she misses Puget Sound, Montana has so much more sunshine. Carly is a Sophmore at UM majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Wilderness Studies. Carly likes to hike, run, climb, and take pictures of the beautiful mountains of Montana. She is stoked to explore the ways our campus can have a lighter impact on the environment, whether it is by eating locally grown foods, biking, or simply being more conscious of our resource use. 

Madge Matia...

Madge Matia left Bay Village, Ohio to study Wildlife Biology her freshman year, but has since switched to Sociology and Media Arts. She still loves Missoula, so she's sticking around. Her environmental interests are mainly in sustainable design and architecture, which she may end up doing for graduate school. As a career, she would also probably enjoy working on public relations for some sort of environmental non-profit.

Madge is a musician and would like to use that medium to help spread passion about sustainability. When she's not occupied with her addiction to working, Madge loves singing, drumming, making comics, reading biographies, and going to people's houses mainly to hang out with their dogs or cats. She loves her human friends, too, even when they don't let her hug them. Madge will be an Eco Rep in Pantzer Hall.