UM participates in Montana's Green Purchasing Program, which charges all state agencies to practice responsible purchasing with the goal to save energy, lower impacts upon the environment, create a healthier workplace, and to "close the loop" on recycling.

To learn more visit: Montana State Responsible Purchasing Guide


The University of Montana is proud to announce its new green cleaning policy! In the Fall of 2009 custodial purchasers from across campus formed a Green Cleaning Working group with the task of creating a policy. As of April 2010, the policy is official. This initiative was a joint effort between Environmental Studies students, Custodial staff, the Office of Sustainability and Administration.

For more information about the policy contact: asum.sustain@mso.umt.edu


If your department wants to purchase paper with a high recycled content, contact:

Printing & Graphics sells 30%, 50%, 100% recycled paper, and they deliver it for free!

Contact: (406) 243-2711

Campus Quick Copy offers 100% Recycled paper and a large selection of paper choices.
Contact: (406) 243-2679


For a selection of paper and other green office products visit UM Bookstore’s Montana’s Supplies


Committed to reducing energy consumption.

The University of Montana is committed to reducing energy consumption in its operations. This commitment is met in part by requiring the purchase of Energy Star Certified Equipment.

University personnel who authorize the purchase of energy consuming equipment shall purchase Energy Star equipment for all single and/or mass purchasing actions whenever certified equipment is available. Exceptions to this policy shall be authorized only by the University's procurement officer.

Energy Star is a joint certification program between the US EPA and US DOE certifying products which are more energy efficient than the average. The Energy Star web site lists available products and has a calculator tool for most appliances that can be used to calculate the long-term energy savings from a particular Energy Star appliance.

For more information visit: Energy Star Policy

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