UM's 2007 Greenhouse Gas Inventory estimated that UM sends over 2200 tons of solid waste to the landfill every year, generating an estimated 574 Metric Tons of CO2 annually. In 2006, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality revised its Integrated Waste Management Plan and set a target of reducing Montana's solid waste going to landfills and incinerators by 22% by 2015. UM estimates it diverts 18% of its waste from the landfill, but has a goal of diverting 25% (that is, exceeding state targets).


During Earth Week 2008, in an effort to reduce waste, save money and promote healthy eating, UM Dining Services turned their main dining facility, the Food Zoo, into a trayless facility. Without trays, students generally take less food, and therefore, waste less!

In one week:
Before Trayless - 3148 lbs
After Trayless - 2376 lbs

Today, UM saves an estimated 772lbs of food waste per week!


All surplus materials-office and classroom furniture and equipment-are collected and stored at Facilities Services. These materials are available to the campus community and are occasionally sold to the public.

Contact: Carey Lemer UM Reuse, or 243-5747.



To learn more about campus recycling visit: UM Recycling Program

Contact: Edi Stan, Recycling Coordinator, UM Recycling

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