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H. Rafael Chacón

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H. Rafael Chacón

  • Art virtuoso.
  • Historian.
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H. Rafael Chacón

H. Rafael Chacón is professor of Art History and Criticism in the School of Art at the University of Montana. He studied art at Wabash College in Indiana and received both his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in art history with honors from the University of Chicago. A specialist on renaissance and baroque art, Rafael teaches a range of topical courses on the history of art and art criticism. His academic interests lie in the ways societies articulate their most profound values through art; in particular he researches, lectures and writes about architectural history and historic preservation. He is a recipient of the UM College of Visual and Performing Arts Distinguished Faculty Award and the Dorothy Ogg Award for Individual Contributions to Historic Preservation. He published a book on the life and work of self-taught Montana architect A.J. Gibson and most recently has written articles on the art of Glacier National Park; global, community-based art projects that go viral on the Internet; and modernist architecture in his home state. Rafael also lectures for the Smithsonian Institution Journeys program in art history and when he isn’t leading study groups around the world, he traces medieval and renaissance pilgrimage routes in western and central Europe.

For his TedxUMontana talk, Rafael will explore a more personal dimension to his academic interests, discussing what a DNA test reveals about his own family’s migration story, and sharing his understanding of the broader cultural ramifications of genetic testing in our time.

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