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The Oval Literary Magazine

The University of Montana


Cover of Volume 5: painting of a girl and boy with their arms around each other looking off into a white background.

The Oval is the Undergraduate Literary Magazine of the University of Montana. It is our mission to provide a fresh outlet for new and young artists to express themselves, their ideas and passions to the world through the medium of print.

You can pick up copies of recent issues on campus at the University Bookstore in the University Center, at Fact and Fiction downtown, Shakespeare & Co. off of Higgins, The Book Exchange on Brooks St., or at our table in the UC.

The Oval, in partnership with the University Center, presents Prose & Poems each month in the University Center, room 330 at 7:00 pm. Feel free to stop by and listen to students read their own poems and prose. If you are interested in reading, please email

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