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The Oval Literary Magazine

The University of Montana

Previous Issues

  • SPRING 2011 VOLUME 4

    We all come from different places, be they physical, mental, or emotional. College is, for many, the place where all these different viewpoints connect. While some have criscrossed the country, trying to settle down, others have stayed close to home, hunting on the Missouri Breaks or getting to know the locals. The 2011 issue of the Oval contains stories, poems, and art expressing this variety of places.

    Volume 3
  • SPRING 2010 VOLUME 3

    College has its own culture, jargon, and rituals much like a country. We only live in this country for four years, but when we want to revisit, we do not have yearbooks, nor can we keep every weekly Kaimin newspaper. The Oval, a literary magazine with stories, visual art, and poetry captures themes, emotions, and memories experienced at college that a record-book cannot. In the third edition of The Oval, we hear a variety of voices speaking of unique experiences, but they all come from the same country—they’re University of Montana undergraduates.

    Volume 3
  • SPRING 2009 VOLUME 2

    The Spring 2009 issue of The Oval features more of the great poetry, artwork and prose by University of Montana students. With contributions from Ashley Loyning, Lena Viall, Ross Robbins, Kate Olp, Amanda Eggert, and many more.

    Volume 2
  • SPRING 2008 VOLUME 1

    This is the first issue of The Oval, published in Spring 2008. This issue features fiction, poetry, and visual art exclusivley by students at the University of Montana, including "Buss, Buss" by poet Laura Anne Nicole Foster, "Just Fine" by author Crystal Corrigan, and "Wolverine and Rabbitt" by artist Eli Suzukovich III.

    Volume 1
Prose and Poems

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