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Tobacco Free UM

The University of Montana

Information for Supervisors

The Role of UM Supervisors

  • Remind campus community about policy.
  • Report problem areas on campus to the UM Tobacco Task Force.
  • Work with your employees to maintain compliance with the tobacco free policy.
  • Offer resources for cessation to your employees and make sure those interested are able to find support.
  • Review and download some of our resources to share with your department and employees.

What if an Employee Violates the Tobacco Free UM Policy

  • They may be approached by members of the campus community
  • Their co-workers may report the violation
  • Supervisors will be expected to address employees who repeatedly violate the policy by offering clarification of the policy and resources for cessation, and working with the employee to create a plan for compliance.
  • They may be entered into progressive discipline procedures if the above efforts are ineffective

Addressing Violations with UM Employees

  • Remember that employees may be dealing with a powerful addiction.
  • A face-to-face meeting to discuss concerns is the best place to start.
  • Gain agreement that the problem exists.
  • Emphasize that you don’t expect or require the employee to quit.
  • Reinforce that all employees must comply with UM Policies.
  • Remind employee that Nicotine Replacement such as gum, patches, etc. are a viable option during time on campus.
  • If the employee indicates interest in quitting please direct them to the cessation resources.
This section also has accompanying downloads in the Resource Downloads page.