Donate a Bike Rack

The Donate a Bike Rack program is a unique opportunity for alumni, family, and friends to be able to give back to the University of Montana in way which has a tangible impact. As of the 2014-2015 school year, 20% of students and 18% of faculty and staff listed bicycling as their main mode of transportation to campus. And with a growing network of bike lanes and paths, the percentage of our campus community choosing to ride a bike for transportation is increasing, despite the recent dip in enrollment. 

By donating a bike rack, you're helping to make UM a more bike-friendly place. Increasing accessibility to high quality bike parking facilities increases the number of people who choose to see bicycling as a viable transportation option - which in turn reduces traffic congestion, improves Missoula's air quality, decreases dependence on foreign oil, reduces the parking headaches associated with driving to campus, and increases the health of our community members. 

If you've ever parked your bike on UM's campus before, you've probably seen the issues. Overcrowding, low quality racks, and inconvenient locations can be discouraging. However, the University of Montana's new Bicycle Parking Master Plan (BPMP) will ensure that all future bike rack installments will meet industry best practices. Additionally, the BPMP has set out prioritized locations based on a student survey and perceived need. 

Overcrowded bike parking on UM's campus

The cost to donate a bike rack is $300. This fee will pay for the purchase and installation of a standard inverted U style bike rack, as well as a permanent plaque of recognition which will be affixed to the facility.

To donate, contact the University of Montana Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Coordinator, with the subject line "Donate a Bike Rack".

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum donation for a bike rack?


Q: Can I choose the rack location?

No, the rack location has been predetermined in the Bicycle Parking Master Plan.

Q: What type of rack will my donation purchase?

The rack will be a standard inverted U style.

Q: How will the sponsorship of a rack be represented?

A centrally located plaque will display the names of all rack sponsors. 

Q: I own a local company and want my company name engraved, is that allowed?

Yes, this is allowed. 

Q: Will there be plaque inscription guidelines?

Yes. These guidelines will be based on University plaque guidelines to ensure the positive nature of the program. 

Q: What does the money from the Donate a Bike Rack Project support?

All of the money goes directly to the purchase and installation of your bike rack and plaque.

Q: Because I paid for the bike rack it is my property, correct?

The Office of Transportation is proud to offer the opportunity for you to donate a bike rack. These racks are meant to support the students and employees of the University of Montana. Because of this, your rack becomes the property of the University of Montana and cannot be removed by the sponsor for any reason.

Q: Because the Bike Rack Project is a donation, how do I get the tax information necessary to claim this gift?  

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and you will receive a letter from the Office of Transportation indicating your tax benefit. 

Q: What happens if my bike rack is removed for a new construction project, or severely damaged?

The Office of Transportation will guarantee replacement of your bike rack, name intact, for five years from the date of your initial gift. Beyond the five-year timeframe, in the event that your sponsored rack is damaged or removed, the Office of Transportation will make every effort to replace your bike rack and may seek donations to assist with the cost. Your naming rights for the bike rack are guaranteed in perpetuity.

Q: If I decide to order a bike rack, is there a payment plan available?

No. Because the cost of the bike rack donation is relatively low, no payment plan is available.

Q: If I order a bike rack and then change my mind, how can I cancel the order?

All bike rack orders are final and orders cannot be cancelled.