Semester Bike Rentals

Do you need a bicycle? The Office of Transportation rents bicycles for $60 per semester, or $100 for two semesters for current, fee-paying students. The rental fee includes a U-lock, helmet, bike lights, and maintenance for the duration of check-out. Bicycles are also available during the summer, mid-May through mid-August, for $60 for current, fee-paying students. In the Fall semester, bicycles are usually rented very quickly, so sign up as soon as you can. 

We also rent bicycles to other UM affiliates, including faculty, staff, and student affiliates for a cost of $100 for one semester or $180 for two semesters.

Reserve a bicycle online or visit us in UC 105 for more information. Anyone who reserves a bicycle after all bikes have been rented will be put on the waitlist.

Bicycle Choices

Pure City Bourbon

The Pure City Bourbon is a great 3-speed bike with a classic frame style for casual riding around UM and Missoula. We carry two sizes of the Bourbon line, and the bikes are ideal for riders from 5'6" to 6'4" (168 to 193 cm) in height.

Pure City Bourbon bike

Pure City Melrose

The Pure City Melrose is the perfect 3-speed step-through bike for riding through Missoula's flat valley. The upright posture is comfortable for all riding abilities. The Melrose line is ideal for riders from 5'1" to 5'10" (155 to 178 cm) in height.

Pure City Melrose step-through bike