Cycle like a Griz

UM Cycling Team on a beautiful Montana road

UM Cycling Team

The UM Cycling Team is an official co-ed sports club team partially funded through the ASUM sports club union. They are part of the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (NWCCC) and race against other college teams. In the spring they travel around Oregon, Washington, and Idaho for race weekends. Each race weekend includes a road race, a team time trial, and a criterium. The team also participates in cyclocross events in the fall. 

Interested in joining? Contact them by emailing, or through the team's Facebook page. The team will also have a table at the Welcome Feast each fall for new students, with a meeting for new members shortly after. 

UM Cycling Team in front of griz statue on campus

UM Cycling Team road race

UM Mountain Bike Club

The Mountain Bike Club is an informal group of students who get together to enjoy the backcountry together. Contact them through their Facebook group

Student mountain biking with mountains in the distance

Other Ways to Get Involved

Love the idea of cycling, but not the type to join a team or a club? No worries! There's all kinds of ways to get involved with riding bicycles and meeting cool people who share your passion in Missoula. Check out the other local cycling organizations.