Welcome to the UC

About the University Center

The University Center (UC) is your student union. A place for you to study, discover diversity, enjoy entertainment and feel at home away from home.  Explore the endless possibilities the UC has for you!


The University Center enriches campus life by providing student-focused opportunities, programs, services, and space.

Extended Mission

Student Focused

The University Center is student-focused. We provide students from diverse backgrounds with the guidance and resources to define and participate in their own learning and development. Student learning, discovery, and engagement are at the core of our work.


The University Center is committed to providing a broad range of opportunities that enrich the university experience. Through activities, governance, employment, and volunteerism students develop life-long leadership and professional skills.


The University Center designs programs and activities that appeal to a wide variety of student interests. Our core values – learning, leadership, diversity, and fun – reflect our commitment to relevant and intentional programs that enhance students’ overall educational experiences.


The University Center offers a myriad of convenient services including an art gallery, hi-tech study lounge, game room, theater, conferencing services, shipping and mail center, bank and ATM’s, copy center, full-service hair salon, bookstore, market, food court, and Griz Card Center.


The University Center provides an inclusive, clean, well-maintained, and environmentally-conscious space for the campus and greater community to meet, study, and interact.



Learning is a personal and social phenomenon that happens everywhere, all the time. Learning opportunities allow us to develop new knowledge, skills, and abilities; and increase our understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.


Leadership is the combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be developed as an individual or with others through experience and education. Authentic leadership requires commitment to a personal and professional code of ethics, self-awareness, and an ability to communicate across differences. Everyone has the potential to lead.


Diversity is both a process and an outcome. Civil dialogue about differences and similarities in cultural norms, characteristics, and shared beliefs leads to greater understanding, the elimination of prejudices and discriminatory behaviors, and a personal commitment to actions that improve equality and social justice.


Fun is the feeling of uninhibited happiness that enriches overall well-being. It is the type of joy that occurs when accompanied by both physical and emotional safety.