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Event Planning. A dining setup in the University Center Commons.

Audio and Lighting

UC Audio & Lighting provides sound reinforcement, lighting, concert and theater rigging, and stage/event management for a variety of events at the University of Montana. Whether for intimate settings or large concert, we have the equipment and staff to handle a wide range of events. Our experienced staff provides planning and technical advice every step of the way.

Services we provide

  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Lighting Design and Production
  • Rigging Design and Engineering
  • Stage/Event Management
  • Customized Consultations

UC Audio & Lighting staff further offers detailed consultations in order to give your group insight on equipment and design that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. This customized planning will ensure that every event has top-quality service.

Pricing Structure

Our staff will work with your group on both a personal and financial level to meet your goals and make your ideas become reality. Following is a list of prices that may assist you in your preliminary event planning and serve as a guide for equipment rental. We do negotiate multi-day and event package discounts.

The following equipment and amenities are available at no additional charge: lectern/lecternette; white/chalk board; coat rack; easel; overhead projector; slide projector; room divider (16' x 6.8'); flip chart holder; flip chart paper & markers; extension cord; international and domestic flags; laser pointer; mirror (4'); stage lift; stage ramp; event storage space; and conference/speaker phone.

Equipment & Amenities Available for a Fee (pricing subject to change)

data line/telephone port $20
upright piano/baby grand (tuning costs)
pipe & drape $20/section
stage (4' x 8' x 16") $10/piece
stage risers (24", 40") $4/piece
UC round linens $6.75 each
UC rectangular linens $3.50 each
parking passes $3.00 per day pass
assistive listening devices (ALDs) no charge
AV cart no charge
VGA cable no charge
TV with DVR/VCR (mobile) $25
laptop $100
LCD/digital projector (mobile & fixed) $100
portable screen (6' x 6') $10
portable screen (12' x 9') $40
cordless microphone $50
corded microphone $30
additional microphones $15
basic sound amplification (2 mains, 2 mics/inputs) $140
coffee shop (2 mains & monitors, 8 inputs) $180
additional speakers (2 mains or subs) $80
small concert (4 mains & monitors, 20 inputs) $350
1/2 UMP (4 mid-hi, 2 subs) $400
2/3 UMP (4 mid-hi, 2 subs, 4 monitors) $600
full UMP concert $1000
UC theater lights $45
basic lighting (2-6 lights, dimmer) $75
extra lighting (7-12 lights, 2 dimmers) $150
full lighting (truss, genies, 20 lights, dimmers) $800
electrical hookup for full lighting package $180
I-Cue mirrors (2 mirrors, power supply) $45
color scrollers (4 scrollers, power supply) $65
video camera $75