Exhibit Topics


Ableism is the basic and extreme discrimination against people with disabilities. This can take many forms including seclusion and restraint.


Privilege is a system of inequality that assures an individual or a select group rights, advantages, or immunities while denying these same advantages to others.


Homelessness is an epidemic that plagues American cities. The causes are varied, and often more common than one might expect.

Transgender Identity

Transgender and gender non-conforming people face injustice, exclusion, derision, and violence at every turn: within their families, education systems, workplace, public spaces, and even close relationships.

Human Trafficking

Every day, thousands of young children, especially girls, are exploited for sexual or labor purposes. With the expansion of oil communities, modern day sex slavery is on the rise in Montana.

First Nations People Representation

Americans have long regarded Native Americans as the "other," representing them in extreme stereotypes that swing from degrading caricatures to highly romanticized fantasies. Rarely is the diversity and complexity of the Tribal Nations acknowleged.

Class Inequity and the Environment

Food security is dependent on both physical and economic variables meeting nutritional needs and preferences. Individuals in isolated or low-income communities often do not have access to the same food choices as their wealthier counterparts.