UC Building Exhibits

Art in the UC

Everyone knows there is nothing worse than looking at a blank wall. The University Center Art Exhibits program strives to cover 194,380 square feet of interior space with a diverse variety of art throughout the year to prevent blank walls from being prevalent. UC Art Exhibits provides venues for original works of art created by students, faculty and local artists.

Additionally, the University Center invites you to tour our numerous exhibits. Tours include all conference rooms and common spaces throughout the UC. To learn more about supporting the arts on campus and learning about some of our local artists on an exhibits tour, please call the UC Gallery at 406-243- 5564.

Exhibit Your Art Throughout the UC

UC Gallery attendants also are instrumental in hanging art throughout the University Center. The UC exhibits  art work in conference rooms, the Tech Lounge, UC Game Room, and the Market to name a few. If you are interested in exhibiting your art in the University Center our gallery staff can assist you with that as well!