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When you have at least 45 credits:

  • Register for the exam on Cyberbear. If Cyberbear is closed for the semester, you can register in person at the Registration desk in Griz Central. If seats are full, you'll have to wait for additional seats to become available or consider taking the exam at another time.

Two Weeks Before the Exam:

  • Download the assessment text for your particular exam and read it carefully.
  • Check your detailed class schedule in Cyberbear to confirm where and what time you take the test.
  • Stop by The Writing Center for reading and practice questions. These questions will help you think about the assessment text and how you might answer a question like the one on the UDWPA. (optional)
  • Attend one of the UDWPA Workshops offered the week before the exam. (optional)
  • Make an appointment with a Writing Center tutor to go over the assessment text, the scoring criteria, timed-writing strategies, and the UDWPA in general. (optional)

The Day of the Exam:

  • Show up at your exam location 15-20 minutes early. Doors close several minutes before the listed start time and NO ONE will be admitted after the proctor has started the exam.
  • Bring your Grizcard or other photo ID and something to write with. Bluebooks will be provided if you're writing your exam by hand.
  • You must be registered to be admitted; NO ONE who is not on the registration list will be admitted.

After the Exam:

  • Scores are posted to your Cyberbear account approximately ten days after each exam.
  • If you do not pass, make an appointment at The Writing Center to go over your exam with a tutor. The tutor can help you understand how the scoring criteria was applied to your essay and help you develop strategies to retake the exam successfully.