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UDWPA Workshops

The Writing Center offers a 50-minute workshop two times prior to each UDWPA exam (see 2012-2013 dates below).  You do not need to register for the workshop, but handouts and seating are limited.  

The workshop provides an overview of the UDWPA requirement and how to prepare for the exam. Because there is no class time associated with the UDWPA, students who have not yet taken the exam are strongly recommended to attend the WPA workshop.  The UDWPA workshop does not teach you what to say in your essay exam.  Instead, the workshop separates fact from fiction so that you can approach the exam with both knowledge of faculty expectations for upper-division academic performance and knowledge of how to best prepare in order to demonstrate your preparedness for upper-division writing.

2013-2014 UDWPA Workshop Schedule
All UDWPA workshops are held in Lommasson 269 from 4:10-5:00 pm.

Tuesday, September 10th
Wednesday, September 11th

Tuesday, October 8th
Wednesday, October 9th

Tuesday, February 4th
Wednesday, February 5th

Tuesday, March 4th
Wednesday March 5th

Tuesday, April 15th
Wednesday, April 16th

 Tuesday, June 17th
Wednesday, June 18th