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Call for Submissions

Abstract submission is now closed and reviews are in process.


  • UMCUR is designed to highlight the original research and creative scholarship of UM students. Participation is open to all UM undergraduates in good standing.
  • Students receiving research scholarships through the Davidson Honors College must present the results of their work within the academic year of the award. UMCUR provides an excellent opportunity to satisfy that requirement.
  • Students are welcome to present work-in-progress, as well as completed research and creative scholarship. However, their work must have progressed to the point that preliminary results or tentative conclusions can be reported.

Application Process:

  • Submissions may be made for an oral (individual author, co-authors, panel, or original creative work) or poster presentation.
  • To apply, students must complete the Online Submission Form.
  • Abstracts (circa 300 words) must include the following elements (as applicable to your field):
  • 1.  Title – Describe your topic in language that is intelligible to a general audience.
    2.  Purpose – State your main thesis or rationale.
    3. Methods – How did you carry out this project?
    4.  Originality – What is new about this approach?
    5.  Significance – Explain the contribution of this project to your field and/or to society.
  • Your UMCUR abstract must be specific to this presentation. It should not be an abstract that you previously submitted for an award application; rather, it should be revised to reflect your most recent work on the project. View our sample abstracts for strong examples.
  • All applicants must have their faculty research mentor review and approve their abstract prior to submission.
  • UMCUR attracts a general audience composed of students and faculty in all disciplines. Your intentions must be communicated in a manner that is intelligible to that audience.

Click here to submit  or edit your UMCUR abstract online.

Click here for information on the Painting and Print Exhibition.


  • The Committee on Undergraduate Research will present $100 awards for the top oral and poster presentations in each of the five research categories (Fine Arts, Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences).

Questions about UMCUR may be directed to the conference coordinator, Michelle Eckert.

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