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What is Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship?

Undergraduate Research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Undergraduate research is conducted under the supervision of a faculty mentor and typically culminates in a posteLaura Jenkins conducting bat research in the Mariana Islandsr or oral presentation and a comprehensive written report, essay or thesis.

Creative Scholarship is likewise conducted with a faculty mentor and typically culminates in a public performance, reading or exhibition. In many cases, a creative project will also result in a reflective or interpretive essay that explores the creative process and examines the sources of artistic inspiration.

Undergraduate research and creative scholarship has the potential to create a tremendous sense of empowerment, confidence and intellectual growth, especially for undergraduates who may never have had such an experience. Since people will continually encounter problems without established answers throughout their professional careers, the skills gained through participation in original research aimed at creating new knowledge will have long-lasting, beneficial consequences for students of all majors.

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