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Oral Presentation


Many students find that an oral presentation is the best way to communicate the outcomes of their research and creative scholarship. An oral presentation is often accompanied by a PowerPoint slide show, especially if the material to be presented includes quantitative or technical data, diagrams, or significant images. However, for some topics, especially those involving a complex logical argument, a free-standing oral presentation (not using PowerPoint) might be the best way to go. In either case, a well-structured oral presentation will be clear, informative, engaging, and accessible to its intended audience.

Students making oral presentations at the UM Conference on Undergraduate Research (UMCUR) will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present their research, with another 5 minutes allowed for questions and answers. These time limits are strictly enforced, so be sure to prepare and practice your presentation to make sure it can be completed within the scheduled time. This is a fairly typical time-frame for oral presentations at scholarly conferences; always ascertain in advance what your presentation time will be. Get off to a prompt start to make the best use of your time.

For further information and advice on making effective oral presentations, consult the following links:

Guidelines for Oral Presentations by Mark Burns, Auburn University

Oral Presentations by Jeff Radel, University of Kansas

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