Rapid Fire

Research and Creative Scholarship Networking Symposium

Monday, November 7th 12 pm -1:30 pm  UC 326

"More than just an extra pair of hands to help with the numerous tasks of doing research, an undergraduate student brings an extra pair of keen eyes. They often see the research from a totally new and innovative perspective." 

- Professor Robert Winglee (Earth & Space Sciences, UW)

The Rapid-Fire Symposium is intended to connect undergraduate students interested in engaging in research and creative scholarship with potential graduate student mentors. Research experiences provide undergraduate students an active learning opportunity, insight into the lives and workload of faculty, resume building experiences and practice in formulating good questions. Graduate student mentors will find that students often bring fresh insight and inquiry and serve more as collaborators as they uncover new knowledge and develop a passion for the field.  Even more important, this is an amazing opportunity to guide curious students that may be contemplating difficult career choices thus helping them develop skills they may use the rest of their lives. We invite graduate students and undergraduate students from all disciplines to participate in this symposium. Please select your current academic status under “Registration” to register for this event. More information regarding symposium logistics will be emailed to registered participants as the symposium date approaches.