UM Allies

Mission Statement

The goal of The University of Montana Allies Program (UM Allies) is to promote a campus environment that is inclusive and supportive of all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. See the complete list to find an ally nearest you!

Goals of UM Allies

  • Identify and nurture safe people and spaces for LGBTIQ campus members by having "out" Allies.
  • Create visible support for the LGBTIQ community (via stickers & website).
  • Develop opportunities for heterosexual and gender-conforming allies to help.
  • Promote awareness of diversity issues, more broadly, on campus.
  • Recruit new Allies!
  • Reach "invisible"/vulnerable community members.

Upcoming Events

Queer Kitchen Table

Queer Kitchen Table is a space for LGBT+, queer, and two-spirit individuals to gather and discuss issues that are important to them. It will be a space for support and empowerment, as well as respectful discussion. 

  • Dates: February 7 | February 21 | March 7 | March 28 | April 11 | April 25
  • Location: The Branch Center
  • Time: 5PM - 7PM

2017 Trans Day of Visibility

Engage with members of the UM community and learn how to create a more inclusive campus.

Trans Inclusivity: How to be a Welcoming Community
University Congregational Chruch | 12:00 pm

Beyond the Binary: Understanding Gender as a Spectrum
UC 326 | 7:00 pm

Trans and Ally Dinner and Discussion with Dr. Rohr 
Payne Native American Center Rotunda | 6:00 pm


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