Find an Ally

What is an Ally?

An ally has been trained and is willing to be visible to and available for members of the LGBTQ community on the UM Campus. Being an ally is more than standing up for a community even when they're not around.

What Being an Ally Means

  • Acknowledge that 'ally' is not an identity.
  • Check your privilege at all times.
  • Do not assume the sexual orientation or gender identity of another person.
  • Speak up and speak out against offensive statements or actions you see or hear.
  • Use gender neutral language.
  • Respect the coming out process.
  • Know that your opinion takes a backseat to those with experiences.
  • Listen when someone opens up about their experience.
  • Validate people's sexual orientation and gender expression.
  • Educate yourself about LGBTQ histories, cultures, and concerns.
  • Involve yourself and give your support to LGBTQ organizations and causes.

Educate Yourself

  • Understand that knowing marginalized people does not equal being inclusive
  • Be honest about things you don't understand - don't fake it!
  • Ask respectful questions - it is better than making assumptions.
  • A person's gender identity is different than a person's sexual orientation.
  • When someone comes out, it does not mean they are sexually attracted to you.
  • Do not 'out' a person as LGBTQ to others.
  • The transition experience is different for each trans person.
  • Be aware of the vital role you can play as an ally.
  • Remember the intricacies of oppression.