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Working For LGBTIQ Equality Through Education, Support And Awareness.

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Find an Ally

What is an Ally?

An Ally has been trained and is willing to be visible to and available for members of the LGBTIQ community on the UM Campus.


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Admissions/New Student Services Devin Carpenter
Admissions/New Student Services Karissa Drye
Admissions/New Student Services Caitlin Freeman
Alumni Center Molly Fishburn-Matthew
Alumni Center Jodi Moreau
Alumni Center Angela Weisenburger
Art Edward Morrissey
Arts & Sciences Melanie Hoell
Arts & Sciences Jana O'Connor
ASUM Phoebe Hunter
Biological Sciences Jon Caro
Biological Sciences Erick Greene
Biological Sciences Winsor Lowe
Biological Sciences Tara Westlie
Campus Recreation Natalie Hiller
Campus Writing Center Jake Hansen
Career Services Laurie Fisher
Career Services Tristan Schneider
Communicative Sciences & Disorders Ginger Collins
Communicative Sciences & Disorders Amy Glaspey
Curriculum & Instruction Jayna Lutz
Curriculum & Instruction Katelyn Mulford
Disability Services Amy Capolupo
Disability Services Paul Kozlowitz
Disability Services Brenda Miller
Education Peter Knox
English Jill Bergman
English Heather Bruce
English John Hunt
English Katie Kane
English Sean O'Brien
Environmental Health Sciences Emily Weiler
Facilities Services Sally Strom
Foreign Student Services Mary Nellis
Forestry and Conservation Lisa Eby
Forestry and Conservation Jeanne Franz
Forestry and Conservation Jill Kinyon
Forestry and Conservation Paul Krausman
Forestry and Conservation Mike Patterson
Griz Card Center Maggie Linder
Health Service Administration Karen Behan
Health Service Administration Deena Carpenter
Health Service Administration Leah Fitch  
Health Service Administration Mary Grady
Health Service Administration Linda Green
Health Service Administration Brent Hildebrand
Health Service Administration Cathy Joy
Health Service Administration Adair Kanter
Health Service Administration Mary Kleschen
Health Service Administration Morgan Slemberger
History Anya Jabour
Human Resources Cindy Boies
Human Resources Sara Drake
Human Resources Rita Garland
Human Resources Terri Phillips
International Programs Peter Baker
Law Geri Fox
Management Suzanne Tilleman
Mansfield Library Susanne Caro
Mansfield Library Angela Dresselhaus
Mansfield Library Julie Edwards
Mansfield Library Jill Howard
Mansfield Library Audra Loyal
Mansfield Library Patricia Mckenzie
Mansfield Library Annie Weiler
Mathematics Nikolaus Vonessen
Missoula College Tammy Freimund
Missoula College Mary Opitz
Missoula College Chelsea Rayfield
Missoula College Brandie Terpe
Missoula NCBI Kim Spurzen  
Missoula TDOR Bree Sutherland  
Modern/Classical Language/Literature Clary Loisel
Modern/Classical Language/Literature Melissa Mackenzie
Music Lori Gray
Music Stephen Kalm
Music Chris Kirkpatrick
Music Margaret Schuberg
Pharmacy Selena Hill
Pharmacy Galye Hudgins
Pharmacy Wilena Old Person
Physical Therapy Elizabeth Ikeda
Physical Therapy Kim Mize-Humphrey
President's Office Lucy France
President's Office Rebecca Power
Provost Office Amy Kinch
Psychology Duncan Campbell
Psychology Greg Machek
Psychology Gyda Swaney
Registrars Office Matt Filer
Registrars Office Joseph Hickman
Registrars Office Cody Hyslop
Residence Life Brady Rowe
School of Business Andrea Armstrong
Social Work Tondy Baumgartner
Sociology Daisy Rooks
Sociology Teresa Sobieszczyk
Student Success Kelly Webster
Theatre & Dance John Deboer
TRIO Student Support Services Peter Donaldson
TRIO Student Support Services Heather Hibbard
UM Dining Donna Bauck
UM Dining Byron Drake
UM Dining Dona Hall
Undergraduate Advising Center Beth Howard
University Center Shannon Brilz
University Center Adrianne Donald
University Center Jamar Galbreath
Women's and Gender Studies Jaime Boschee