The Western Montana Community | Western Montana Community Center

Provides opportunities for both formal and informal interaction among members of the GLBTI community of Montana. Offers safe and accessible facilities for educational, social and other community events. Serves as a resource to provide information for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex members and visitors to Missoula and Western Montana. The center will support education, advocate for social justice and facilitate communication within the whole community of Western Montana.


  • Call: (406) 541-6891
  • 1130 W Broadway St Missoula, MT 59802
  • NCBI Website

Since 1998, the NCBI Missoula chapter has facilitated workshops and provided consultation for numerous organizations, schools, and community groups. In addition, our Campus Affiliate at The University of Montana presents workshops and acts as a resource to the campus community. All workshops are presented by NCBI trainers. In addition to offering public training, our NCBI team can provide leadership, diversity, and conflict resolution workshops that are formatted to meet your groups' specific needs.

Montana Pride Logo | Big Sky Pride!

Plans celebrations for LGBTQ community across the state of Montana.

Montana Gay Men's Task Force Logo | Gay Men's Task Force, Montana

Working to provide sensitive, appropriate and comprehensive health messages and interventions aimed at improving the overall health of gay & bisexual men in Montana. Our vision is to help gay & bisexual men create lives for themselves worth protecting with bold and fearless conviction. The Gay Men's Task Force (GMTF) is made up of gay men from across the state of Montana. We meet three times a year in person and several times a year via conference calls or at GMTF events.

Missoula AIDS Council

A non-profit organization that seeks to end the transmission of HIV/AIDS, advocates for those living with HIV/AIDS, and provides culturally competent services and care for those with HIV/AIDS.

Montana Gender Alliance

Cornerstone for the gender expansion project community outreach programs is a collective network of individuals of gender diversity, their families, and their allies. We provide a safe space for support and discussion of topics in which often surround the gender diverse spectrum.

Healthcare Equality Index

The Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) is a valuable resource for healthcare organizations seeking to provide equitable, inclusive care to LGBTQ individuals and for LGBTQ individuals seeking healthcare organizations with demonstrated commitment to their care. Download the Healthcare Equality Index 2013.