Minor - Dance Education

The Minor in Dance, Specialization in Education degree is designed for students studying Dance and Education.   Courses cover a variety of dance forms, composition, a variety of pedagogy courses and teaching practicums.   This minor leads to an Area of Permissive Special Competency in Dance Education for those attaining or holding a Montana teaching license.

Minor in DANCE (DAN),
Area of Specialization in Education

220A-Beginning Composition            
298-Internship: Children’s Dance               
440-Dance Pedagogy                       
497-Teaching Movement in Schools               
497.40-Practicum in the Schools               

300-Modern III                       
310-Ballet III                           

At least one of the following
118A-Dance Forms: Tap (continuing)           
160A-Dance Forms: Irish                   
165A-Dance Forms: African                   
315-Jazz III                           
Or other Social, Cultural/World, or Traditional/Indigenous technique course by advisement

Optional Electives by Advisement
334-Dance History                       
380-Science of Dance Movement               

Leads to an area of permissive special competency in dance for those attaining or holding a Montana teaching license (see the College of Education and Human Sciences section of the current version of The University of Montana Catalog).