The GPSA is building a Senate with representatives from all graduate and professional programs at UM.  Senators work to improve the graduate student experience for themselves and others while gaining insight into how the university works and forging valuable connections with students and faculty across campus.  Senators serve as ambassadors between GPSA and individual graduate programs and students. Senators must attend monthly GPSA meetings

Current GPSA Senators

Anthropology: Lorena Craig

Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology: Jim Reed

Individualized Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program/Chemistry: Ranalda Tsosie

English/MFA: Nate Duke

Environmental Studies: Harley Fredricksen

Material Science: Erik Johnston

Mathematical Sciences: Nhan Nguyen

Organismal Biology, Ecology, and Evolution: Beth Roskilly

Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration: Lendelyn Ekholt

Physical Therapy: Dean Romine

Systems Ecology: Fredrick Lauer

Toxicology/Biomedical Sciences: Beth Cole

Wildlife Biology: Danielle Fagre