The GPSA is building a Senate with representatives from all graduate and professional programs at UM.  Senators work to improve the graduate student experience for themselves and others while gaining insight into how the university works and forging valuable connections with students and faculty across campus.  Senators serve as ambassadors between GPSA and individual graduate programs and students. Senators must attend monthly GPSA meetings


Our meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month from 8-9am in UC 207.


 Current GPSA Senators

Em HattouniEm-Hattouni
School Psychology

Nikki Manning

Bonnie Bishop Bonnie Bishop
Public Health, Community Health & Prevention Sciences
Jess RayJess-Ray-pic

Emily Kopania Emily Kopania
Ogranismal Biology, Ecology & Evolution

Erik Johnston Erik Johnston
Materials Science

Harley Fredriksen
Environmental Studies

Cara Grula
Environmental Studies

Rachel Ackerman Rachel Ackerman
Environmental Studies

Haley Anderson
Forestry & Conservation-Applied Forestry Management

Hans Martin
Forestry & Conservation-Ungulate Ecology Lab

Larissa Walker Larissa Walker
Cellular, Molecular & Microbial Biology

Alex Ocanas
Forestry & Conservation

Jim Reed
Cellular, Molecular & Microbial Biology

Jonathan Pierce
Poetry and Literature

Kaitlin Perkins Kaitlin Perkins
College of Forestry & Conservation 

Nhan Nguyen
Mathematical Sciences

Nicholas Coombs
Social Work

Peter Metcalf
Forestry & Conservation

Ranalda Tsosie Ranalda Tsosie
Interdisciplinary Studies (Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geosciences)