For Current Graduate Students

* Research Assistant: Health and Wellness

* Seeking to Hire Graduate Student Mentor for Five-Week International State Department Program on Environmental Issues Full-Time Commitment June 28 - August 2, 2017 with Students from Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, and India

A great paid opportunity to share your passions as  you travel with international student leaders!   Led by Dr. Len Broberg of UM's Environmental Studies Program, this Institute will bring twenty student leaders to Montana, Texas, and Washington, DC for five weeks, from  June 28 - August 2.  The cohort will be composed of undergraduate students from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Japan.  The program offers a comprehensive study of environmental issues and U.S. culture and society through multiple perspectives.  We organize a syllabus that integrates speakers from the University and the community; field visits throughout the region to places such as the Flathead Indian Reservation, the Clark Fork Superfund Complex, the PEAS Farm, and Missoula's wastewater treatment facility; overnight visits to Helena and Glacier National Park; and a number of cultural activities such as whitewater rafting, baseball games, concerts, etc.  We have one repeat graduate student mentor and are seeking a second to accompany the group throughout their program.  It is a very intensive five weeks, but a tremendous experience.  We pay $3200, plus all expenses for your trips throughout Montana, four nights in San Antonio, and four nights in Washington, DC.  You are required to work an average of 50 hours a week throughout the five-week program, drive a van during field trips, and assist us in supporting logistical arrangements and providing participants with cultural activities. This would include introducing them to glimpses of American life and activities you enjoy during the summer.  We expect you to be available throughout the program, but we rely on both grad students to ensure that they are balancing their responsibilities and getting the breaks they need (only one needs to be present at each academic session, you'll have at least one weekend off, etc.).  There are a lot of long days at the beginning of the Institute as we orient participants to Missoula and the program. For more information, please contact Program Director Deena Mansour at deena.mansour@umontana.edu.