Student Spotlight


Student name: Sarah Pedone

What degree is the student seeking? Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Master's in Public Health

Why did you select to pursue this degree?
Initially Sarah wanted to become a professional dancer because she was in love with the art, expression, and joy that comes through human movement. She describes the powerful expression and strength that can be conveyed through movement, but also recognizes the purpose of science and critical thinking. Physical therapy became the way to combine her multiple interests in a tangible way. She was hooked on the opportunity to bring together her passions as an artist and a scientist and begin her path of lifelong learning. Additionally, she chose to pursue further education in Public Health to equip her in ways that would make a more global impact as a PT at both the individual and community level.

Why have they been selected for student of the month?
Sarah has a light and a passion that is palpable. In her 2+ years in the DPT program she has grown tremendously through hard work and perseverance. Sarah is one of only two students who will graduate with a double major this year. PT School is a lot in a little bit of time, so adding another major simultaneously takes discipline, focus and passion. Sarah consistently has all three. Additionally, she has been instrumental in creating and sustaining an impactful program for people in our community with Parkinsons. “Tango for Parkinsons” involves Sarah’s two greatest passions: dance and movement. Her organizational skills are only out paced by her enthusiasm and compassion. With some of her fellow students, Sarah went on to coach Missoulians with Parkinsons in the newly established “Rock Steady Boxing” program. Whether, Sarah is in the clinic or the community, all would agree that the environment is enriched by her therapeutic presence and impenetrable joy. UMPT is proud to have Sarah within our program and is excited to see where the future will bring her.