Student Spotlight

Echo Hermsmeyer

Student name: Echo Hermsmeyer

What degree is the student seeking?
AAS in Radiologic Technology

Why did you select to pursue this degree?

I chose this profession to simply make a difference in peoples lives. When individuals are coming to the hospital, most of them don’t want to be there. Sickness, injuries, and cancer are the majority of reasons people present themselves to the hospital. The unknown of what is wrong can be scary and frustrating. My goal is to be there to help them feel comfortable and safe in this time of vulnerability. I pride myself on ensuring patient care comes first and by pursuing a career in radiology this will allow me to do that. Understanding their problems and taking the time to care for them during the exam is what comes first. As a result, by being a part of diagnostic imaging, I have helped provide information that will then go on to help with a potential diagnosis, allowing the physician to form a plan with the patient based on my imaging.

Why have they been selected for student of the month?

Echo was recently offered a position at Clark Fork Valley hospital, and accepted.

As part of my clinical rotation, I attended St. Patrick’s Hospital, Community Medical Center, Marcus Daley, and my most recent location was Clark Fork Valley in Plains, MT. This rural hospital has the standard of care that I look for- they pride themselves on patient care. Its “family” type culture gives a sense of acceptance, not only to the staff, but to the patients too. I felt like it was a perfect fit! I apparently wasn’t the only one with that feeling. The imaging manager offered me a full-time position as an x-ray/CT technologist after a week or so of working there. Luckily, I had obtained my Limited License for radiology and was able to accept. It will be a contractual hire, meaning, I will sign a 2- year agreement. Sounds intimidating, but what will come with this is a sign-on bonus and assistance in relocation money to move there. This small facility also encourages its staff to go on and continue their education if desired! They have helped many employees obtain their bachelors, masters, etc. The struggle in these rural sites is housing, I was fortunate in finding housing and now we are on our way to purchasing a house in Plains. If you’re ever interested in the rural site, definitely pursue it. It obviously can pay off big time!