Mission Statement

The mission of UM Productions is to bring quality entertainment to the University of Montana and the Missoula community focusing on diversity with a dedication to the arts. As a student-run, student-funded organization, UM Productions strives to provide students with learning opportunities and professional development in preparation for future success.


UM Productions has been bringing entertainment to the University of Montana campus for over forty years. In this time our history of pop concerts has grown to be quite impressive. We try to hit every genre of music available, as to please everyone possible.

Performing Arts

UM Productions Performing Arts has been providing Western Montana with top quality programs diverse in culture, entertainment, education and opportunity for decades. It has featured incredible variety over the years from jazz to modern dance, comedy to gospel music, blues to ballet, Broadway plays to opera and much more. Many events have provided workshops and performances for Missoula area school children and the community at large, broadening their horizons and enriching their lives.

Special Events

What is a special event? UM Productions' special events are the catchall category for all the little things that make life on the University of Montana campus a little more interesting. From visits by the Jim Rose Circus to lectures by noted political figures such as Arun Ghandi, from unique programming to comedy, special events cater to all tastes in an effort to entertain and educate both the students and the community at large. For films, speakers, comedy, or even the bizarre, look no further than UM Productions Special Events!