Adams Center

front of the Adams Center

Arena Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications (PDF)


  • 7,520 In the Round
  • 5,791 Reserved Seating / Festival Floor
  • 4,336 Reserved Theatre Seating Please Note: Reserved floor seating varies with stage size and FOH size*

Floor Space

148 feet from front to back
96.5 feet from side to side
14,270 square feet with bleachers in a closed position
60 feet from floor to rigging grid

Load In

There is no loading dock so truck ramps are required. From the ground level load-in entrance of the building, equipment must be brought down an interior ramp / tunnel that drops 16 vertical feet down to the venue floor level. We recommend that traveling shows consider boosting their stagehand requirements to accommodate this ramp as it measures 76' long x 13' feet wide. A forklift is necessary. The Adams Center can provide a forklift and operator.


An adjustable Stageright stage from 36''-54'' in height. A stage of 64' by 48' can be constructed with the staging. A barricade up to 60' in length is also available for rent upon request. Two of the four fire exits on the arena floor are located on either side of the stage. (No equipment can be placed within eight feet of stage right or left in order to maintain a fire aisle.)

Dressing Rooms

Backstage are two locker rooms that are equipped with bathroom facilities. There is an additional 2,100 square foot green room for equipment storage, production office or additional dressing rooms.

Tour Parking

A paved surface fenced lot in front of the load-in door with room for two semis or touring buses to park one in front of the other. A gravel lot next to the fenced lot that can accommodate approximately 6 touring buses or trucks.


Safe Working Load: 2200 lbs. Per ten feet of steel with bridled points not exceeding 90 degrees at the bridle leg junctions.

Adams Center currently has a 60 by 80 feet rigging grid with 60 feet over the working stage area. The grid consists of 8 and 10 inch square tubing at 10-foot intervals forming 10-foot squares. (The grid is attached to wooden arches that support the roof by steel rods. The rods are attached to brackets lagged into wooden arches.)